Help Needed with Bafang BBS02


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Hi I have a Bafang BBS02 with a P850C controller, with a Liitokata 36 vt 20Mah battery.

Firstly the controller indicates that at 36 vt that the battery is only 50% charged.

When I ride it after about 10 minutes, it starts to shut down power, only powering in small bursts. the battery indicates around 10-15% battery power and goes red. BUT when I convert to volt display it shows I have around 30-32 volts.

I seems like the controller is being tricked into thinking I don't have any power when in fact I do.

what can I do, is it the P850C controller, the motor, or the BMS in the battery.

At what voltage should the power start dropping out

Help im completely lost



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At 30v your battery is mostly discharged. At full charge it should be at 42v. Maybe it's a charger issue?

"A typical 36V e-bike needs a battery that delivers power between 30V and 42V. A 36V pack at 42V is 100% charged and holds as much energy as it can; at 30V it should shut down and stop giving power before causing permanent damage."