Help recommend an eBike, 21 mile commute


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I've been researching eBikes for the last 2 years, waiting for technology to advance to the point where I'd rather buy then custom build and would have bought a Dash if it were in stock last year. At the time, I was living in Santa Monica (mostly flat) and was about to go with either an iZip Dash or Pedego City Commuter. Rented the Pedego (36v) a few times, and was not impressed with its performance tackling the few hills present. Now, my situation has changed and I'll be relocating to Topanga Canyon (definitely hill country), so I'm thinking Bosch mid-drive.

My wish list:
  • Throttle override
  • 28mph (with pedaling) capability
  • decent enough battery to handle the trip, and preferably removable so it can be charged off the bike and easier to put the bike on a car rack.
  • Commuter style with a not so aggressive, hunched over riding position, but I also hated the handlebar and riding position of the Pedego, so something in between.
  • Ability to use it as a regular bike if the battery runs out of juice (nearly impossible on the Pedego).
  • Lights, fenders, chain guard, rack, etc...
Aside from the daily commute (Topanga to Van Nuys) I would like to use it to run errands around town instead of the car. Would like to stay on 4K, preferably closer to 2. Looked at the Path online, but it seems like it's more of a mountain bike. Would mostly be riding on paved roads / bike paths.


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Forgot to add, I would like to "eventually" get into shape with the eBike and be able to use my regular road bike for longer trips.


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Check out Easy Motion. There's an EVO City Wave bike with Bosch middrive. There's also an EVO City Bike with 350w hub motor (torque pedal assist & throttle control). Meant for streets and bike paths and some light trail use (very light).

I just purchased the EVO Street Step-Thru with hub motor. Gets over 22mi on one charge with some pedaling.


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Oh Hi,

I just recently bought a KTM action plus with the Bosch active line. I commute with it 15 miles round trip. I go from Santa Cruz Mountains to Los Gatos and have a 600 or so elevation change. I barely use one bar on the battery.

I posted more about a much tougher ride from last weekend in the Ktm forum.

I'm very happy with the Bosch setup. Oddly I go to Calabasas quite often and next trip I plan on bring the bike down there to commute from westlake to Calabasas.