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Hey folks. I'm looking to purchase my first e bike and would appreciate any info you experienced riders can provide to me. I've narrowed down my choices to the Ride1Up 700 series and the EG Geneva 500 based on some features important to me such as price, ride position, throttle, colors (no boring black or white), hydraulic brakes and bottle cage bosses. I live in Pennsylvania and ride mostly on our Rails to Trails which are predominantly flat with a slight grade and crushed limestone. I would however like to have the ability to hit the streets occasionally since I live in the beautiful Laurel Mountains. Most local bike shops carry Trek or Specialized so test driving several different models is not an option. I would still like to ride it as a normal bike, but with knee issues, look forward to the pedal assist and throttle when needed. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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There's quite a few here that have Ride1Up bikes, and the 700 series in particular. Check out the Ride1Up section of this forum and the the Ride1Up Facebook group to read many existing posts on these bikes.

I have had my Ride1Up 700 for 4 days, have put 75 miles on it, and I'm still on the original charge. The reason I've got such good range is because I'm riding it as much as a normal bike as possible, with no assist when I have a tailwind on level ground, but engaging 30 to 60 watts into headwinds, 120 watts or so on mid-sized hills, and 300+ watts going up the steepest hills on my route, all while pedaling hard enough to keep my heart rate up. I'm also working the gears. I've laid off the throttle almost entirely except for testing. I don't stop much when riding my country routes. I like the 2.4" wide tires (one guy I spoke with thought they were fat tires), the top end gearing, current based PAS rather than speed based PAS, and configurable power percentage settings per assist level. One reason I bought an e-bike was due to knee pain when riding up hills. The 700 sounds like it would work fine in your situation. I don't know anything about the other one you mentioned.