Help trouble shooting Ancheer Motor not responding


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Your Ancheer throttle is not just a throttle....
Meanwhile, the throttle part is probably just a 3 pin magnetic sensor chip, plus a magnet in the throttle. The chip wires are ground, 4.5V and throttle signal. Something is wrong in the throttle that short circuits the 4.5V power and that keeps the PAS from working.....

My understanding is that some e-bike throttles are nothing more than a 3-wire potentiometer with an output varying between 0 and +5V. I've not yet looked at the Ancheer throttle, however. I can't see why they would have to make it more complicated.


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You would never see a real19V out of a 36V pack. Itts internal circuitry would shut it off below 30V, so all you would see is leakage on the pins.....

Not accurate. The battery can self-discharge well below 30V over time. In addition, by whatever means Ancheer hooks up the HEADLIGHT with respect to the BMS, I left the headlight on to drain and cycle the battery for storage, foolishly relying on the protection circuit. Over a period of days it took the Ancheer 36V pack down to 22V. I noticed when the LED was very dim one morning. I measured with 2 meters in case my primary meter had failed for some reason.

I don't know if this is a design flaw or a defective BMS with the battery I used. Since the headlight is controlled by a manual external switch, I don't know if it gets its power thru the controller...I suspect not. However, I have not yet traced the headlight wiring.

I MAY add a US$6 triggered timer to the headlight to prevent this happening again...although I'm contemplating replacing the light entirely and controlling it via an also replaced display head and different controller. That way, at least when the bike is turned off (using the different display head) the headlight would also turn off.

I regretted I couldn't use my iMAX B6 to cycle the battery for storage, but it's limited to 6s battery configurations.
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