HELP. Turbo X wont turn on


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Loaned my 2018 Turbo X to a coworker and he had a blast using it.

Today he returned it and the bike wont turn on

I've done some troubleshooting but i'm looking for advice/pointers

1. I think my battery is fine. Its showing to be charged and I get 39V with a multi meter on 2 main prongs when I hold power button down (it seems to turn on the battery)
2. I can connect to specialized app
3. With battery in and charger connected I get the display to turn on but no battery percentage is shown. Like if the battery is disconnected.

I think the problem is with the connector but I don't understand how can that happen overnight like that. Unless the battery doenst turn on.
Holding power button for 2 seconds does not turn on the bike






I have a '17 Turbo Vado and this happened to me once. I removed the battery pack from the bike, then reinstalled it, and the bike was fine thereafter. I'm not sure if it was a physical connection issue or if it just needed a "reboot", but it's worth a try.


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I got it to power on but its midnight. Test drive will have to wait.
It was a battery issue I think. Seems it was frozen and needed a master reset