Help with A2B Obree Battery replacement.

bob dove

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I purchased an A@B Obree with a bad battery. Love the bike. This is a serious commuter bike. Hydraulic disc brakes, heavy duty rims, etc... I know I can have the battery repacked with 40 new NCR18650B for 500.00 but I am concerned about the condition of BMS. I would replace the battery with an aftermarket battery but the bike has a 4 wire connection. I have contacted A2B dealers and the national headquarters but they don't return calls. Does anyone know where I can fine an OEM battery replacement for this bike. Thanks.


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Like this?

If so

I’m in the middle of the same search. This was the original Hailong 2 case and mount plate. It’s gone through two more generations and they’re getting hard to find.

second generation:

third generation