help with chain jam


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I have a Raleigh takoa-ie (400-500 miles) that is driving me crazy with the chain bouncing of the front ring and getting really jammed in the weird extra chain guard thing. I tried being careful shifting gears, but the chain is bouncing off while shifting even when I'm not pedaling. The bike has a sram x7 long cage rear derailleur with the clutch that should be helping reduce chain bounce but it is still really bouncy. I've been mt biking for many years and have never had a problem with the chain dumping like this so i'm pretty confident saying that there is something really wrong with the setup.
I'm hoping someone has can help with figuring out a good inexpensive fix that would be safe on a mid-drive e-bike (speed pedelec). I'd love to avoid spending a bunch of money trying stuff that doesn't work.

These are some of the possible solutions
1. remove a few links from the chain - is there any special considerations with a e-bike for chain length.
2. look into a chain retention device - not sure if any would fit because of the mid drive and no derailleur hanger
3. switch to different chain ring, chain combo to see if it is compatibility issue - expensive without any guaranties
4. buy shorter bolts and remove the chain guard, so that when the chain dumps it doesn't get jammed it just falls off - doesn't fix the problem just makes it easier to put the chain back on
5. try and convince currie tech that the drivetrain is defective and get them to figure out the problem

Any help or suggestions would be really appreciated, thank in advance.


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I would first try and remove a link or two from the chain. If that doesn't work, go for #5.


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By the sounds of it you have a chainline problem which would require Currie interaction if under warranty or possibly a chain length problem. With respect to the chain length, Sheldon Brown RIP has good guidance as always on measuring the chain length. Maybe check the length is correct first and see how it goes.