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Hi. Been researching bikes for the past several days. Watching YouTube clips and such. So here is where I am at.

On the lighter side. (40lbs or so max)
Compact (no fat tires)
Leaning towards 16”-20” wheels
Must go at least 20mph
Ability to ride without pedaling (throttle?)
Don’t want it to stick out like a custom fancy bike (aka Gocycle) (don’t want it a bullseye for theft)
Ideal budget around $700-$2000. All depends on what I am getting for the money.

other items not required but prefer:
Be able to fold up and push/pull like a luggage wheeled bag
Multi-gear (3 or more)
Removable battery.
Inability to steal battery easily (or any part)
fenders to avoid splashing water up while riding
Rear rack (for possibly carrying small dog)

so far the bikes that seem to be under consideration are:
Fiido (though think max speed is 15)
London citizen ebike
Carbo X
Jetson Metro
MATE city+
SDream ur500x

I realize these options may not hit all my wants but seem to be pretty close on most levels. Or they are on the cheaper side of things and hence I may be willing to go with a $700 Jetson Metro vs a $2400 Carbo x.
Any input? Any brands I am missing? Anything features I should not skimp on that aren’t on my lists?


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Qualisports Volador is 40lb and a Class 2, 20mph, throttle, 7-speed. The battery is the seatpost and is removable.
Rear rack
Front rack
this thread on the Qualisports brand forum describes how you can fit the Tern
luggage truss and Kanga rack on the front to carry a backpack
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Carbo has not been shipping to US buyers, blaming delays on Covid, and jeez is it expensive. You can get a metal bike like the Qualisports or Fiido for half the price, and the weight penalty is no big thing unless you plan to carry the bike.

Really, if you're going to move these bikes, they move a lot better left unfolded. You'll need to look for folders with the tiny 2" aux roller wheels. Those are designed to roll like suitcases when folded up.

Twenty mph is pretty tough on 20" wheels too. While I've had mine up there briefly, it has to be on throttle. Unless you can pedal at 70 bpm, the gearing on 20" wheels doesn't support biking past 18 mph.

When our dog was alive, I liked having her in a front basket to keep an eye on her.

I don't have any, but do like the seatpost batteries, but they limit you on capacity.


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Thanks for input. 20mph isn’t important but want in that ballpark. 18mph steady speed will be fine. Just want want something faster than 15mph max which tend to land closer to 13-14.

my only fear of the qualisports is theft of the battery/seatpost. Is there any way to LOCK it in the bike? From video I saw it looks like someone can walk up, unscrew the connector and open latch and pull it right out. Would prefer something that is locked in. Would probably go dolphin over valador. For the extra battery size.

also any place in Philadephia area to test ride one? Called the two nearby dealers on their website but none carry any in stock.
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Seems a fair trade off, the Dolphin weighs 8lb more than the Volador but you get a larger battery.

Regarding the searpost, due to it being the battery pack it is extra wide, Court measured it in his review of the Dolphin at 56mm (double check with Qualisports). I would look into getting a Pitlock 60mm skewer to make it difficult to remove without specialist tools. I would advise contacting Pitlock to explain your needs, the standard clamp only goes up to 40mm so you might need to get a 56mm Pitlock compatible seatpost clamp made for you either by Pitlock or a machine shop. Alternatively you could try a saddle leash.
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The custom seat post is something that I'd avoid, since it limits aftermarket options and is easy to steal.

The Fiido D4S is a pretty good option for just over $700, but isn't easy to roll around while it's folded. In fact, I'll be surprised if you find anything that that easily rolls while folded, outside of a Brompton. The Jetson looks good, but, as a result, might be tempting to steal. The Qualisport looks good to me, with nice rack options, and beefier tires, but weighs more than the Fiido. There's always a tradeoff somewhere.


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brompton makes a foldable too
Yeah, but the Brompton tops out at 15.8mph, doesn't have a throttle, and costs double the OP's budget. I am not bashing the Brompton Electric, I own one, but it doesn't meet the stated criteria. That said, the OP probably isn't going to find a bike that does. The Brompton folds up small enough and is light enough that you don't need to leave it outside to get stolen. The Electric is for my wife, but I have had a non-electric Brompton for years and have brought it into many restaurants and stores without a problem. I very rarely have had to lock it up outside, but I do carry an Abus folding lock for that purpose.