Help with Lezyne 100 Macro Headlight on Lectric XP 2.0


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Clearly not a controversial statement, but the stock headlight on the Lectric XP is pretty terrible - downright scary when cruising at speed at night.

I purchased the Lezyne 100 Macro which is a wired light with 1000 lumens, seems well suited for night riding, but I'm failing to understand how it installs. Wondering if anyone would have some tips. (

Full disclosure, I did cut my OG headlight off and try to wire the Lezyne in using the original connector for cleanliness sake, but that did not seem to work. The Lezyne is a two wire hookup, comes with the wires exposed, so I thought just splicing in on the original line would work, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Some additional research has suggested it needs to be plugged into the motor (would not work on Lectric for obvious reasons), or perhaps controller directly, though I'd be curious as to where it needs to be connected since the original out line for the headlight should carry the on/off signal from the handlebar controls? Just wanted to throw it out to the community before going down a rabbit hole of trying to connect it to random wires, or deciding to return it and just buy the radpower plug and play light.


Seems that light only has a 6-12 volt input while the Lectric light output is 48 volts. See the “Accessories for your XP” thread for various light options.