Help with Radwagon rear axle


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Hi all,

A few days ago I had a flat in my rear wheel for the first time since I bought my Radwagon. In the process of putting my rear wheel back on, I stumbled on a curious problem, which I’m hoping you can provide some insight on.

In the first image you can see a ‘before’ and ‘after’ view of the Radwagon rear axle on the left-hand side, from below. Before tightening, there is a sort of dark grey washer with a cone-shaped section plus two flat sides visible (indicated by the white arrow); after tightening, these flat sides go into the dropout, leaving only the cone part visible.


The problem is, the wheel spins freely before tightening, but completely locks up after tightening; the disc and caliper no longer line up at all. Am I missing some kind of torque washer that’s supposed to go in here?

I have also included a picture of my disc caliper, to rule out the possibility that it is installed with washers in the wrong place.



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Hi Eobanb,

There is supposed to be a torque washer in between the motor and the drop out, it is critical that it is used to prevent damage to the motor or braking system. Below is a picture of what the torque washer looks like.


The picture below shows the torque washer installed and sticking into the dropouts. The torque washer will fit over the two flat sides described in the post above. Make sure that the torque washer is oriented properly, it should point down towards the ground (when the bike is upright) so the motor axle can sit at the "top" of the dropouts.


Let me know if you have any questions. As always, feel free to send an email to


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Thank you very much Scott. I must have lost this piece in the process of taking off the wheel originally. I'll look around on the ground nearby and hopefully I can find it.


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You're welcome!

I hope you find it. If not, send us an email and the tech team will help you out!


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I have had my wagon and have absolutely been loving it. Dropped my 1 hour 35 minute bike commute to an hour.

Unfortunately I got my first flat (still waiting for Schwalbe to restock the 26 x 2.25 Marathon Plus MTB). The puncture actually punctured the tire. Anyway I "patched" the tire and replaced the tube but for the life of me can't get the tire back on the wagon.

Do the torque washers go on the inside of the dropout? The picture above sure makes it look that way. When I try that it seems there is not enough room to fit the wheel. Any tips on how to get the rear wheel mounted and secured? Is there a youtube video I'm not aware of?


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