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Maybe someone can help me. I recently upgraded my wife's hubmotor kit bike from 250w/36v to 750w/48v to match mine, and in doing so donated the twist-grip throttle from my 48v bike (I put both of these machines together a couple of years ago).

Now I'm replacing the throttle on my bike. The no-brandname Chinese controller has a flat six-pin microconnector (as did my original throttle) but the new throttle offers two three-pin microconnectors and a seventh yellow wire with a bullet terminal.

The controller side wires go red-black-green-pink-orange-blue, and the original throttle matches with red-black-white-green-brown-yellow.

The new throttle wires are red-black-green and white-brown-blue, plus yellow.

On the throttle side it would appear that the

  • brown and yellow are the power switch
  • white is the Hall signal (throttle input)
  • red is a 5v feed
  • black is ground
  • green is the battery voltage signal
  • which leaves the yellow wire a mystery (the switch offers two power levels, which I assume are for street and the higher-wattage off-road mode; does the yellow wire have something to do with that selelctor?)

Question is how to line up the corresponding connections to the controller. My wife's bike aligns
controller red-throttle red

Can anyone tell me how to rearrange the new throttle wires to the existing controller wires?

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This photo may help: Top set of wires goes to the controller, bottom set to the throttle.


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Thomas Jaszewski

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I've had reasonable luck finding matching components. I do several searches, images, and Aliexpress. Budget controllers can be very frustrating. I swear wire color is determined by workers mood. Seldom any sense although blue and brown have often been power. Frustrating! Buying a cheap controller with matched components can make things easier too. Sorry, I can't be any more helpful.


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Is that a rocker switch in the throttle? It has a rest position for off and then you select "I" or "II"? Or does it just change between "I" and "II"? Does your controller have a switched turbo mode that could use this type of switch?

To me, it would seem that they would put the throttle wires in one connector (red green, black) and the switching wires in the other (white,brown,blue),

If you have a continuity checker or an ohmeter, you might check if the switch closes any circuits between the leads on the second connector and the yellow, This would be done with throttle on your bench, no power to it.