Here is an e bike company with a new twist

Chris Nolte

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I guess it could have some applications for those with balance issues similar to the 3 wheeled motor scooters. I see them from time to time here in NY, but they generally tilt which I think is critical to their handling. It seems this "bike" doesn't so I would be concerned about it's cornering ability.

Ann M.

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Agreed, @Chris Nolte. I've built a number of electric trikes for folks with balance issues; however, they have to practice slowing down to turn and the two wheels are either smaller if in front or in the rear if full size. But you have to see it to believe it, this bike will have awful handling without some sort of independent suspension and tilt abilities. Also wondering what Biktrix thinks about their 'Juggernaut' name being scammed.

Rungu Juggernaut.jpg

Edward 1

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Ya its still limited speed... were not children we can handle it thank you. and for 5 g... I want to go 50kph at least.

take the speed limiter off... reduce the price accordingly.