Here's a Origami Bicycle Crane folding 20" road bike w/ BBS02 I did a few years ago!


Northern LP, MI
So Origami Bicycles makes these really cool analog folding bike kits that come shipped in a normal checked baggage luggage suitcase, and inside the luggage is a trailer kit to turn the suitcase into a bike trailer, along with these highly functional 20" bikes for road touring. We got them for touring while traveling in our camper van. I just was doing some maintenance on my wife's and figured I'd send a quick picture. These bikes work great with no assist or a dead battery, fast, and light. I just weighed this one as configured and as shown, with the lights, reflectors, kick stand, bottle cage, etc it comes in at 43.4 lbs. They are about 32.5 lbs. un-converted I think. I think I built this in 2017. It uses a 52V 6AH "Mighty Mini" from Luna, which was a nice little battery for a project like this at the time. I had to disassemble the batteries a bit and move the BMS to be side mounted to fit them in the location shown. I encased them in fiberglass mat/epoxy and coated with plasti-dip after I re-shaped them. It seems like the Crane model is now called the "Eagle" on the website, but I'm sure there are other folders that are very similar to this. I don't remember how much now, but they were cheap to build and have been some of my absolute favorite ebikes in a long long time! She uses this one as her daily driver.

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