Hey Everyone


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I've been looking at eBikes for a few years. While I was cruising Facebook marketplace, came across a Stromer. I asked the seller a bunch of questions, he knew very little, as it was his sons bike. No charger or key. 2 years worth of dust on it. Made the purchase. Got a charger. This bike is good riding, very solid feel, and pretty fast. Bike was doing fine until a couple days ago. Went for a ride, it was a hot day, plugged in the charger and came back a few hours lateer. Now only about 1/2 power. I'm still waiting on a key from Stromer. It's been over a month since I contacted a Stromer dealer with the serial number. No response, no update, when I called, the dealer said there are only couple of guys that work for Stromer, and told me there is no way of telling how long, if ever I will be able to get a key. I know these bikes are few and far between. I'm thinking of drilling out the lock and replacing the Stromer components with a kit. Whadayathink?