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I'm a Roadie turned eRoadie thanks to some sore knees at the young age of 50 (as well as some lingering breathing issues due to Stage 4 lung cancer, but that's another story). I converted my commuter to electric front hub (throttle only) about 3 years ago (via Hilltopper kit), and that's been great to take the sizzle off the hills of my Denver southwest metro 26 mile RT commute. Then I got my wife a full Hilltopper Discover bike last Xmas, I rode that a bit and liked it, and I've now decided to get myself a full torque sensing commuter beast and I'm likely going all in on a Spec Vado 3.0 IGH. Test riding it tomorrow and making sure the IGH gear range (without power) will be good enough for the steeps I encounter on my commute, as well as on the epic Colorado routes I plan to do. If anyone here that's in Denver is planning epic ebike stuff, contact me, I'm an experienced rider.

I'm a 4 season commuter already, from 105 F down to 5 F, so I'm here to learn from the ebike guru's all there is to know about the specifics of eCommuting and eTouring.
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Welcome the site, and managing your exercise with electricity. I work hard several days a week but 80 hills is about 30 more than I need to maintain fitness. I'm age 72 with Army knees.
If the freeways are clear I might have a few hours 9/12. Will be riding Georgetown loop 9/13 but not enough time above 6000' to even walk around much. Then on to Durango-Silverton. Then back to the Ohio valley.
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