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Like many before me, I bought myself a retirement present - an R&M Delite GT ebike in March 2020 - just before lockdown.
I did manage to squeeze one trip in before total incarceration - a three day Brisbane Valley Rail Trail...nice!
Been on intermittent tours since then and have only racked up 1500km in the 8 months since...but lots of Zen planning and reading.

I did a fair amount of touring in my previous life...then career/commitments/duties/mortgage got in the way.
Before selecting the Delite, did three tours with friends in New Zealand -(Otago/Tasman Taste/Hauraki) as well as 'Murray to the Mountains' in OZ Victorian highlands.
I fell in love again with the freedom, sights, smells, experience, quietness and pure joy of cycle touring, AGAIN!

So I did my research, hired ebikes on the NZ tours ...and the R&M Delite ticked all the buttons. Expensive, but the bees-knees, to a degree!
I have done a fair amount of modifications.

First thing I did was replace the Fabric water bottles and holders with proper bidons. One Fabric bottle came loose and fell off whilst I was riding a gravel road packed with corrugations [ride #3 of the bike]. I backtracked - only to find the Fabric bottle run over by a car...now at $30AUD for a replacement bottle that is crazy! - Fabric bidons are insecure and expensive. Employ the KISS strategy!
I gave the remaining Fabric bottle and studs back to my dealer for free and bolted on two proper bidons. Here in Oz, I am happy to have two 1.25litre PET bottles on my tours. I may look a dork, but I won't go thirsty. I appreciate 'Jay Kay's statement that "having two bottles of pinot noir strapped to the side of my Delite and a baguette hanging out of the carrier bag would be quite the sight! "

I moved the Abus Lock. It is now attached to the seat post. The Abus fitting has space for cable ties (4 in this case) and it frees up space for a (DIY) frame-bag. The frame-bag carries tools, tubes, patch-kit, chain lube, rags, bit of cash, first aid and pump.

Replaced grips with Ergon GP3's, added a Zefal end-bar rear-view mirror, replaced standard pedals with a set of Shimano DeoreXT pedals with toe-clips.
I have always toured with toe-clips - so I swapped them over from an older Shogun (non-ebike) tourer.
Ortlieb panniers and extra 3M reflective tape stuck on the panniers and front&rear mudguards completes the picture. Oh that, and an old Karrimor handlebar bag - making up the 'holder' with spare steel rod laying around the house.

I had an iPhone carrier, but have since moved to a SENA RT helmet that bluetooths to the phone. This means that when riding with other SENA owners we can have group conversations and chats and Komoot can tell me touring turns direct to my helmet. Now the iPhone resides inside the handlebar bag - connected to a backup battery as GPS is hungry on power.
All I have now is voices in my head. Hmmm...

As a researcher, I also did a nut/bolt audit on the Delite. To be honest, R&M could have simplified the variety of nut head sizes/type on the Delite - would make for carrying less tools.
Torx are WAY more efficient than hex - so why have a mix - especially one like a torx (T25) on the rear mudguard and a hex (2.5) on the rear mudguard stay? Means more dead weight to carry on tour. I will post the nut/bolt audit if anyone is interested.

All in all, I have been absolutely delighted with my Delite...but I do suffer from battery anxiety - will probably get a second 500Wh Powertube for longer tours in winter.
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Will your bike outrun the snakes? That's all I would need to know when shopping down there. lol

And just FYI, mine won't quite outrun a PNW grizzly, but it will out run my slower buddies on their conventional bikes, so I'm good. :p

Welcome aboard.

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Haha, Sarah :) Nothing wrong with your NCM, I was just thinking about mid-drive e-bikes :)
I was just thinking I might want to get me a Specialized Turbo Vado 5.0 in Australia and it looks impossible.


There are lots of things you can't get here, it can be very frustrating. And when you can get them they are more expensive. Though, I think prices have been equalising a bit in the past few years. I work for an small American consultancy and (used to) spend a lot of time in the USA for work (one bright side of the pandemic for me is staying at home!) and my list of things to buy for people in the USA each time I'm over there has been shrinking over the years.