Hi all! Question about on/off button


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There is an off/on button on my new etrike battery, the battery stopped working and the button was broken and fell in. We got a new bike all assembled and the guy forgot to lock the battery in place, our first ride we hit a bump and it fell off breaking the button. Went back to him and he just glued gun it shut.
So my question is....the button was meant for something on the battery right? Now it’s always ? Or is it on when we turn on the display that powers the bike into electric mode and use it and it doesn’t matter?
Basically what I’d like to know is there any negative effect of not having the on/off button on the battery anymore? Battery deplete faster? Or it’s not good for the battery in the long run?

Thanks :)


My wife's trike came with a battery that also has an ON/OFF switch on the battery - It's always switched ON and I've never tried switching it OFF. Some bikes use a 'universal battery' which is used on other models with other configurations and to my mind is a GREAT thing because you have so many more options should you ever need a new battery - You don't have to pay double for an OEM battery that fits only a specific model bike

But . . . . if I bought a brand new trike from a DEALER who no doubt charges you more for his services, like setting and adjusting up your trike before your first ride . . . . and then the battery fell off and broke, I would be demanding a brand new battery - You paid for a new battery and not a broken, glued up one . . . .