Hi folks I'm from uk

Does anyone know how to raise sonders fatty handle bars thanks

  • Does any know how to raise sonders handle bars thanks

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  • I have sonders fatty

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George S.

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I've used these, but not on a Sondo. Met a Sondors owner this morning. He likes the bike and goes tearing up the hills. He was very fit.


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I love my sonders it's a great bike I just use it to get me to work but I will take it out more in summer up hills and stuff

Ann M.

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@Marie, George S. has a good idea; you can also raise the stem using these spacers (or a variation of these) to raise the height of the stem. The Sondors bike was not really designed to be a totally upright design like a city style bike, if that's what you're looking to do but some spacers or a different stem that fits in the same way as the original (aka George's solution) but with a more vertical angle might be a solution. Send some pics! and Welcome to EBR!