Hi from central Spain

After many years of regular leisure and trekking cycling I reached the point (more precisely the age) where steep up hills started to look definitely unattractive. E-bikes looked like a good alternative. Curt’s fantastic work was just the push to make up my mind and go for one. It’s been only one week since I got my E-motion Evo City Pro 2018, but I can only say E-bikes are really awesome. This is a quite scenic but mountainous area and with the E-bike now I can go back to many places which were getting out of reach for me, doing a reasonable work out, and enjoying it like 30 years ago. Best of all, I can use it in fair weather days (and we have plenty) for commuting to work (about 14 miles and 900 foot elevation difference) and get some fun to start the day. Looking at the list of posts I see we are quite a few under similar circumstances, so great, plenty of chances to communicate and lots of experience.
Best to all