Hi From Granbury, Texas


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Howdy. My wife and I are still kind of new to eBikes. Last September we each got a couple of Lectric XP Step-Thru bikes to take on motorhome trips. Nice thing about these bikes is they fold up so they both fit in the back of our towed Chevy Equinox that we pull behind our Holiday Rambler Endeavor motorhome. Even though we've had the bikes for a year now, we still have only used them once, (on a 2-mile trail in Lake Havasu). The thing is, we've not discovered how to find good trails to ride. We're not interested in riding on roads where cars drive, or on "mountain bike trails" where you climb over boulders and such. Partly this is because we're both in our 70s, and would prefer to explore some scenic walking trails that would otherwise be too far for us to walk. So, does anyone know a good source for finding the kind of trails we're looking for. Specifically right now, we're planning a trip through northern Arizona and southern Utah soon, and would love to take these bikes out to explore some of that beautiful country.
Here's our bikes.
Here they are folded in the back of the Chevy.



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That is a excellent question there are many people who want to ride trail/paths like you are describing hopefully someone can direct to where to find paths like that in that area. Seem that bike paths are becoming more prevalent here in the U.S. Hope you get out riding a whole lot more!