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Hi, just picked up a 2015 Gepida Ruga 27.5 on the weekend.

I'd ridden a mate's Gepida Asgard and was sold on the smooth pedal assist and the Bosch product.

Keen to clock up some kms on the Ruga between riding my conventional bikes.

Ann M.

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Just looked up an image and specs on your Gepida--Nice Wheels @Testing386! You've got the Bosch Performance motor, the CX with higher 500watt output and a decent battery. Looking forward to your own images of the bike and hearing more about where you ride.

Gepida Asgard 1000.jpg


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Hi Ann,

Unfortunately specs vary country to country. The Australian 2015 is closer to the European 2016 model - Active Line motor, 400 battery, heavier lower spec components.

I have a lot of MTB kit and will be looking at doing some mods:
- lighter forks;
- 26" wheelset running large volume tyres more suited to my use (hard pack dirt roads and bitumen);
- 203mm Ice Tech rotors - tried my friend's Asgard with 203 rotors and it was a massive improvement. He now reports (after 6000km commuting) longer life for the discs and pads compared to original.
- Brooks Cambium saddle (already fitted) - long time Brooks user;
- MKS Ezy pedals (already fitted) - saves bumps and bruises when transporting the bike.

Picture of bike as picked up.


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