Hi from VA, ? about rural roads


Made a few posts here but I wanted to officially introduce myself. I live in Spotsylvania Co. Virginia. I used to ride a bit when I lived in DC suburbs but stopped when I moved down here. All the roads are thin, two lane, hilly, rural highways where traffic rarely goes under 50mph. Needless to say I'm scared to death of riding on them.

So I joined this site and ordered an ebike to beat those hills and although it isn't out yet it should be delivered in about a month. Lets me have the time to do research on where I can ride and also getting a trunk rack to get there. It'll mostly be in and around Fredericksburg, the nearest town although I'll want to go up to the Virginia side of the DC suburbs as well (not DC itself, I pack heat).

BTW: I'm a conductor for Amtrak so if y'all have any questions about that I'll be happy to answer them.