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I have been a long time lurker on this site and decided it was time to start contributing to the excellent discussions about the e-bike lifestyle. My riding passion is shared with my husband and we are a 5 e-bike family: Hers: 2018 Haibike SDuro 9.5 Cross (hybrid), 2019 Haibike Full 7 7.0 (full suspension e-Mtb), 2020 Magnum Navigator (hub Class 3) ; His: 2018 BH Evo City Pro (hub Class 2), 2019 Haibike Full 7LT 9.0 (full suspension e-Mtb). Not sure who gets credit for best looking bike. I have purchased both on-line and at LBS; I ride both hub and mid drive bikes, with and without throttle. . I find both have their pros and cons. I spend most of my time on paved paths, but also enjoy getting off road (nothing too technical !) We live in an area that offers outstanding bike paths or roads with incredible scenery (Colorado National Monument, Colorado River, wine country, world class single track). I was a long time road and mountain biker that caught the e-bike bug after riding a neighbor’s hard tail Haibike that was collecting dust in his garage. My husband had been a casual mt. biker with no interest in riding on the road until I got him on an e-bike. Now he rides both road and e-Mtbs. We have a growing e-bike community here - and I love sharing my passion for riding and introducing people to e-bikes. Looking forward to continued lurking, occasional posting, and sharing my passion for riding !



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Nice ebike pics, also like like the 67 mustang fastback. My sister had one and my dad had a 67 shelby gt500
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