Hi, im Eric and I’m almost a new Lectric XP owner.


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I just ordered two Lectric bikes for the family. I haven’t received them but
I’m already hooked. I’ve been reading your threads with interest. I found Bob and his modified front suspension and went nuts. I ordered the parts Bob listed. I have two teenage sons that will enjoy these bikes but my wife and I will be using them too. I ordered one Suntour seatpost and I found a Kinekt bodyfloat used on eBay. I hope the Kinekt seatpost will work. I will be watching fir more interesting posts on Ebikes.

Eric from LA Cali.


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Welcome to the site and the hobby.
You're brave. I had a possible transfer possibility in Newport Beach but LA traffic put me off. I escaped Houston in 1980 after being rear ended 7 times. I don't have to drive a 5000 lb pickup with a 4" oil pipe for a back bumper here.


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Newport is a great spot but the traffic is brutal there too. You have had bad luck with rear ends. I have been pretty lucky with avoiding accidents but I still need to drive less. I can’t wait to get the bikes. Unfortunately I still need to use a car for work.


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Hey Eric, I too am waiting delivery for my new lectric xp. I have viewed every posting on youtube about problems and upgrades. I just got the bikaroo seat, 10" wide very nice. I ordered the neumatic seatpost from lectric-any thoughts on this upgrade? cost additional $50.00. I highly recommend viewing the air forks upgrade for the lectricxp on youtube recently posted. complete removal and installation, step-by-step. I am looking for someone who can recommend a swept back handlebar upgrade, removal and type for riding comfortable when sitting upright. Also, what size are the spokes for tightening? any info or reference?