Hi- just acquired a not-complete pedego


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I was just given a Pedego City commuter with 28 wheels.

I'm missing the battery ( & key) but still have the box. It looks to me like the controller is inside the battery box I have. I'm also missing the brakes and display, but all the wiring seems to be there.

I've got an extensive parts bin and am quite comfortable hacking around with batteries, so my biggest ask is

- will it run without the display

and also, I understand that the bike could have had either a 36V or 48V - how would I tell?



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All four versions of the City Commuter use a rear rack battery. The Dapu controller is located in front of the battery box. Remove the four screws, take out the controller and read the label. The voltage should be indicated.

All the rear rack battery locks are keyed alike. The key is marked "2001" and fits all.

Standard disk brake kits are available that will fit the bike.

The bike will not run without the display unless the controller is rewired. Wiring diagrams are available on the Pedego website: https://pedegogo.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/203061346-Controller-Diagrams

Pedego tech support is very helpful and will answer most of your questions including where to get replacement parts: https://pedegogo.zendesk.com/hc/en-us


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I've got brakes in my parts pile, that's not a problem, other than what size rotors are supposed to be fitted? The rotors were stripped off as well.

So, the pedego label is 36V City Commuter GEN 2, The oem label is ECOWAY DRIVE BLDC Drive 3618DLC-84W0.
I'm looking for a 36V battery and charger - the interface is pretty simple, even if I end up with a little less capacity than the stock. I'll keep an eye out for a junk stock battery, I guess, but could come up with a mounting solution better than how the controller was mounted for the battery in the existing box or build a new box.

So Pedego website says they use the Bigstone C500B display - I assume that it's sourced to work with this controller?



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Did you buy it from a chop shop? What a mess!
Actually, I got it free from a guy who said he'd been given it by someone he knew - he's a tinkerer as well. I wasn't clear on the whole 3rd hand story, but I think he'd used it for a number of years, the battery was no good, and he wanted the brakes for some other project.

Given what was taken off it, I'm doubting chop shop - the motor, controller, wheels, tires, derailleur are all there and fine. Seat, brakes, battery, display? Seat and brakes I can replace from my own parts bin, might even splurge and see if I can find some hydraulic brakes cheap. The display is the only thing I'm a little nervous about finding a cheap replacement - it might be easier to buy a controller and display pair from aliexpress.
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