Hi, new member from Houston my first e-bike


Yesterday I received my first E-bike. At my age ( 57 ) young was needing something to assist me in my rides along the bayous here in Houston due to the heat and humidity. I researched for over 3 months so many different brands and models, which is kinda short compared to others LOL. Having a thumb or twist throttle is beneficial in certain circumstances. I still wanted to continue to move to reap the benefits of pedaling. Didn't want to spend too much not knowing if I would enjoy any E-bike. Competition has ramped up in the Ebikes industry and are now becoming very popular and prices are becoming affordable. I chose the Hyper E-City 700c, and couldn't be happier and can see why people are enjoying them. In the short time I've received it, I really can't testify on the longevity or reliability but can say I am very impressed with the build for the price. Will report back as time goes on.



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Welcome to the site.
My brother lives 2 blocks from white oak bayou path. He won't ride down there, though. He has a recumbent. I wouldn't get on streets in that thing, either.
I am very fond of geared hub motors for the lack of drag when I pedal, which is most of the time.


Hi indianajo,
White Oak bayou real close to me and you are right I wouldn't get on the streets with it. Hoping to see how well it works as far as range goes on the path.