Hi-Power Cycles Tour: HPC Revolution, Warp Drive & Elite Batteries


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Hi guys! Recently I visited Hi-Power Cycles in Chatsworth California and got to hang out with Chris and Derek (the founders) who showed me some prototypes, talked about future plans and taught me about performance batteries. This is a longer video but very worth watching...

I'll have more alternative ebikes and stuff on the ElectricRideReview YouTube channel (including this cool Grub Hauler trike) and have published the HPC Freedom amd HPC SuperMundo reviews back at the site. Enjoy, and ride safe ;)


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I like their logic, voltage is your friend. PIE says it all, Power (watts) = I (current) X E (volts). High current means more heat, connections and terminals melt, but if you double the voltage you halved the current for the same power. Using the high C rated pouch batteries (I wonder if they are Kokam, do you know) instead of 18650 cells is a trade off on energy density, but is good for thermal management and meeting high C loads.

A. Gonzalez

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Visited HPC over spring break vacation ended up ordering a Revolution 5.0 before I left back home. Chris and Derek have been great in treating me great and since I arrived back home i have emailed them with plenty of questions and they have responded to all my Emails and have been more than professional in my honest opinion especially after I keep changing my mind on the parts going on my Revolution. I would highly recommend Hpc to anyone looking for a great bike. Chris and Derek and all of there staff at Hpc have been great and more than helpful in answering any of my questions and like I said Chris and Derek are awesome. Obviously there are other companies and powerful E-bikes out there like stealth and optibike with good products but in my humble opinion after test riding there Revolution I fell in love with there bike. I have all ready test rode a Stealth Bomber before and I felt it to be a little to heavy for myself but that's my opinion and i can honestly say i have yet to test ride an optibike but there's no need for that as its styling does not suit my style. It really depends on what you're looking for but i opted for there Revolution for it's lightweight and superior styling and powerful motor. Chris and Derek have been great to me in getting my bike the way I want it and once I receive it i will be uploading some videos on YouTube in support of these great people and great company.

Ann M.

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Nice! @A. Gonzalez it's always exciting when you zero in on that just right bike :). Be sure and drop a few pics of your bike and where you ride at EBR, too. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on performance and durability after you've had the bike a while.


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Please allow me to add my 2 cents here as well...I recently purchased a bike from HPC. It is essentially their Recon, which is built using the Montague Paratrooper folding frame, with the only difference being that I wanted pedal assist and they installed a Thun bottom bracket for me. To my knowledge this was their first experience putting in a torque sensing BB, so I was a little nervous because I had committed to buying the bike. To my great delight it works flawlessly. The bike is simply amazing for it's power, durability, and smooth delivery of assistance...all extremely customizable using the Cycle Analyst v3. And I have folded it up numerous times and put it in the back of my car.

I intend to write a longer testimonial at some point with photos, but let me say that the guys at HPC have been fantastic all the way along. They have patiently answered every question I had from concept through delivery, and I had many! On more than one occasion I simply walked back into their work area with their permission of course to watch what they were up to and how they do things. Completely transparent. I had a couple issue early on that most likely were caused by my own gaffes with the bike, and they nonetheless took care of them no questions asked for FREE...as I had only recently taken delivery. Just cool guys.

I highly recommend them for anyone who wants a bike that far exceeds the abilities of most commercially available bikes, and that includes Stromer...at a very competitive price for what you are getting. The only sacrifice is in the aesthetic, as the large batteries and controller are quite visible so not much stealth factor to the bikes. Two thumbs up for HPC.

A. Gonzalez

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Just wanted to give a follow up on my newly received HPC Revolution X 6.0 I just received it yesterday it was shipped via FedEx and came in a heavy duty cardboard box. My first thoughts were it came very well packaged and the bike was wrapped from head to toe in bubble wrap and there were foam inserts for the Rockshoxx world cup forks to keep them nice and safe so it wouldn't get damaged in the process of delivery. Once I pulled the bike out and unwrapped it and inspected it everything seemed in great condition so the only thing I had to do was attach the handle bars and mount the front tire. I forgot to mention they shipped my front wheel in a separate box that includes the disc for the front brakes and keys for the bike as well as another box that contains the charger. I just finished putting it together charged it and took it for a test ride and let me tell you the bike is solid like a rock it's built very well and the suspensión to me feels like your riding in a Cadillac. All in all the bike is honestly great and not to mention the thing is SUPER FAST!! Before I knew it I was in the passing lane with a helmet of course people were staring at me like MAN THAT GUY CAN PEDAL REALLY FAST! The look on there face is priceless when you are riding next to them. I'll mostly be riding off road with it and it was just the first time that I was riding it and I wanted to see what it could do so i hit the streets real quick and like I mentioned I was in the passing lane before I knew it i don't recommend doing that for your own personal safety but I just carried away I was so excited. So my final thoughts are very positive it's built like a tank and in my opinion has superior stylish looks like no other bike has quality components and not to mention the big 86v 28ah battery if I'm not mistaken. So if anyone has any doubts on the HPC Revolution X 6.0 hopefully this review will help you.