Hi there! Here's my first post! Herts, UK - Bike: Cyrusher XF800!


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United Kingdom
Hi, there!

I've been looking at posts on this forum over the past few months when I've had issues with my E-Bike and found some answers etc.
Thought I would finally join to chat to other E-Bike enthusiasts to ask questions, get advice, source bike parts etc.

I ride a Cyrusher XF800 Fat E-Bike!

750w Bafang Motor
48v 13ah Battery

I've had my bike just over a year, mostly used last summer and part of this summer. Got good and bad things to say about it so will be cool chatting with other E-Bike owners, especially Cyrusher owners as their customer service is terrible.

If someone could advise me where to make a post about Bafang Motor errors, sourcing extension cables etc that would be great! Would love to share the issues I have had with my bike and hear some technical advise.

(As a newbie sorry if this is in the wrong section)
I currently installed a new Bafang 750w motor due to an '03 info' error in the original one which only had around 500 miles on it! . Installed the new motor easily thanks to CitizenCyclist's video on youtube but when I went to plug the motor cable in I realised it was 50mm short and doesn't reach! The original 750w Bafang motor's cable was 300mm so I assumed they all were that length when purchasing the new motor. An expensive mistake.

Is there any UK E-Biker's experienced with Bafang 750 Motors and sourcing cables, spares, repairs and refurbs?

I did order an Extension Cable from Electrobikeworld.com on the 7th July but it still hasn't even left the origin country so I'm thinking about requesting my money back. Problem is I can't find the cable anywhere else and ordering from companies who ship from China is always a risk and hit & miss.

I'll post detailed pics and a short video if possible so please feel free to post any comments to help me in my predicament!

My Cyrusher XF800 (Without the battery on it)
Cyrusher XF 800 700w+.jpg

Damn Error Code!

Installed new 700w Bafang Motor.......Damn Motor Cable 50mm too short on this one. Controller cable has no slack to reach either :/
Motor Cable too short.jpg


Here is a short clip of what happens when you throttle it , it is making a horrible grinding noise, cuts out and flashes '03 info'



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Splice the danged thing add a piece of wire to your controller cable, get a local nerd to do this( it can be done neatly) if you do not want to bother.