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Hello, nice to be here. I'm a 71 yo retiree needing to get around more without driving a car. Back when, I worked for a decade in bike shops but I'm clueless about ebikes. Due to medical issues, I have to ride a 3 speed unisex beast bike for stability but it might be an ideal candidate for a front wheel motor kit - and that's where I'll begin my research.


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There are a lot of options for front hub motors available. What you have to decide is how much power you think you'll require based mainly on your GVW and perhaps need for speed, how far you expect to travel per charge and how much you have to spend. But perhaps the most important aspect of a front hub motor installation is a good torque arm setup as described here: http://www.ebikes.ca/product-info/torque-arms.html

There are two options available, either geared or Direct Drive and choice is somewhat dependent on the first requirement above. Front hub motors are not the most popular conversion but I find them to work just fine if you have the right motor for your needs set up properly.