High Powered eBike Camping: 2021 BMW X3 xDrive30e PHEV


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Sorry, BMW fans. I found this offering underwhelming, so I have eliminated it from my consideration.

I did not find mention a 1500 Watt Inverter with 120V Outlet after considerable time and effort.

Quite frankly, i was disappointed and confounded by the electrical component specifications, which are lower than the Toyota RAV4 Prime XSE with Premium package.

The most information rich website i have found to date is:

In priority order of importance to me:

  1. Fast charge Port: No
  2. Charge Power: 3.7 kW AC (RAV4 Prime offers 6.6kW, at lower price)
  3. Charge Port: Type 2
  4. Battery Useable: 10.8 kWh
  5. Battery Capacity: 13.0 kWh (RAV4 Prime is 18 kWh)
  6. Charge Time: (0->22 mi) 3h30m (RAV4 Prime is 2.5h)
  7. Charge Speed: 6 mph
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