High Powered eBike Camping: Ford F-150 7.2kW Pro Power Onboard Inverter, 35 kW Motor/Generator with 1.5 kW Li-ion Battery


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You can probably fast charge a Tesla with this monster.

Want to charge a few eBikes, while cooking dinner on an induction electric stove, with another person showering and the rest of your party drinking ice cold beer, with a massive stereo system blasting?

Here's the automotive solution. A 35 kW motor/generator is about 47 horsepower, or ten miles of EV-only driving.

Motor implies electric motor. Engine is the term used to refer to a fuel powered motor.

Nice rig, but I would wait for the full EV F-150 to be available... the hybrid version only has 10 miles of electric range. 😉

BTW, you could charge a Tesla with the integrated power generator with 2.4 kilowatts of output or the optional 7.2 kW.

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The choices are about balancing compromises. Many manufacturers are offering some sort of hybrid with decent (at least 1500 watts) inverter and 110V outlet option in their 2021 models. The details are often vague at this point. The 2021 Toyota Sienna is promising.