Hill Topper Front Hub Motor not working


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Hi all,

I have following kit from Hill topper, https://hilltopperbikes.com/product/summit-electric-bike-kit/.

I went to take it for a spin yesterday and found that the front hub motor won't activate, neither by throttle nor by PAS.

I can see the PAS indicator lighting up when i spin the cranks. If i spin the front wheel, the speedometer registers that the wheel is moving and gives a speed reading. I disconnected and reconnected all wires and still no go.

Unfortunately I can't find a troubleshooting guide from Hilltopper. Any ideas? I'm not particularly savvy with electrical stuff but i do have a voltmeter.

rich c

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Electrical troubleshooting is finding out where the current "ain't". That involves using a multi-meter. You then start pulling plugs and checking pins or sockets to see where current is stopping. Start at the battery and work your way to the motor. You might need help, having someone spin the pedal for the PAS and moving the throttle.