Himiway fat tire seat


Well I ordered that seat and after a week I got a notice saying it was back ordered . No thanks , I cancelled it . Still looking .
That sucks. Do you have a local bike store that can recommend a big ass soft seat? There are more out there on line- don’t give up!


I dont go to stores due to kung flu . I'll just keep having a sore taint . lol
There are a few choices for the big easy seat. I’m not sure I got the best one or the best price. I just went to one of the local bike stores and bought it. Not a huge shopper anymore.


Great ride yesterday to the Little Red Lighthouse in New York City. Peddled all the way with battery assist in low voltage which I adjusted down in the controller menu. Complete distance was about 25 miles and battery still read full at end of day. So far great bike lots of info on the internet on how to change settings on the controller and how to adjust and or replace other parts. I was not happy with the original saddle and went with the Selle Royal Journey Cruiser seat. 25 miles and no Pain in the butt.


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