Hippo eBike Indiegogo Launching!

Hippo eBike

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Those 15mph limited bikes will limit your market. I don't see very many people in the eBike market asking for bikes to go slower.
Thank you so much Rich for your post, those figures have been entered incorrectly, exact mph will be updated ASAP. Totally agree with your remark. Wishing you a Happy Easter! Pat


Your prices look nice, BUT... Both the range and speed claims are grossly overstated. You appear to have only one bicycle and have photo shopped the same picture to show a different color bicycle. There is no information regarding the impressive gear ratios which would be required to pedal that bike at 35 mph.

That adds up to a pile of something I do not want to step in.


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Nelson37, the Indiegogo campaign is closed, having raised $1784 from 3 backers, short of the $35K goal.

The time to buy ebikes in these campaigns has passed, unless it's an established company. Too much competition. Too much waiting. Much financial risk.

I really think Court should terminate this section of the website.
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Not crazy about the name and it is really just a standard off-the-shelf Alibaba ebike. Nothing really to set this apart from the tons already on the market now. I know I am done supporting ebikes on any crowdfunding platform.