Historical Review of 2008 E-Moto Cargo EBike

Ann M.

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Check out the very unique rollable kickstand with a parking brake! Bright red cargo electric bike that would've been handy in a warehouse or to haul a bunch of packages. Has an early version of a Sturmey Archer internal 3 speed hub was ahead of the time in 2008.

This vintage electic bike was produced around 2008 in a limited run. it was featured on a pedestal as a promotional piece at Interbike. Sam (from the Electric Bicycle Center in Fullerton, CA) bought it from the company in 2011. E-Moto rebuilt the battery pack which he believes is a 36 volt 9 amp hour, the motor is a front mounted internally geared hub offering 350 watts of power. Instead of a cassette with sprockets this bike uses an internally geared three speed hub from Sturmey Archer. Sam talked about how Emoto sold the Liberty, Velocity, Ridge 4.5 and others. His bike had the battery redone and even though E-Moto isn’t in business anymore there are some companies that will help you rebuild a battery. Sam estimated that the company went out of business around 2013. The charger appeared to offer 1.3 Amps of charging power which is a bit below the more modern chargers… I like that it also had a bell :)

Some unique features on the E-Moto Cargo Ebike include:
- Built in parking brake to stabilize loading, features a rollable kickstand
- Suspension seat post and ergonomic grips
- Torque sensing pedal assist (vs. cadence sensing)
- Integrated cafe lock
- The battery is mounted low and center behind the downtube, it slides out the side
- It’s an industrial cargo bike with electric power, useful in a warehouse, he sold it to a guy who refilled propane
- Had a chain guard and fenders, great for staying clean and dry
We just sold it last month for $500 it’s the third time we have sold it. It always somehow circles back to us in the past and it was my personal EBike for Many years. Just looking at old archive articles and though I’d post an update. Cheers
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