Hitch Rack for Supercommuter+ 8S


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Tried to get two new Super-commuters on a Thule Easy-Fold. Short story, I couldn't do it. I decided to put the two bikes on the rack in opposite directions so that there wouldn't be much interference - especially with the handlebars and shifters and brakes. I was able to use the long bar with the jaw clamp to hold the outer bike. The inner clamp rod is just too short. I called Thule and they said they hadn't heard about it, but would offer no solution. I said that if they would exchange the short rod with the longer one, I could cut it and the bolt down to fit. They said that they don't provide alternate solutions and that if I bought a longer rod and cut it down it would void my warranty...The Easy-Fold is sitting in a box for UPS to pick up.

I did call a Trek store and they said that they were aware of the problem and suggested that the Saris MTR-2 was more flexible, more precise, and higher quality, but more money. I ordered one today.

I would really appreciate if someone else who has successfully put two Super-commuters on a hitch rack would weight in!