Hitching a ride...


Although skeptical on account I never used a hitch like this before (knock on wood!), I’m sold with this setup. Mini was purchased with a factory installed hitch and we finally put it to good use by purchasing a bike rack (Westfalia) from a amazon warehouse deal I happened across. When not used, the rack folds up small enough that it fits easily in the boot of the Mini and stowed away under something in our garage. The hitch is removable as well and goes in a separate space underneath the boot, along side the spare tyre.

Another thing we were skeptical about was if we'd have access to the boot, i.e. the bay doors of the Mini. Indeed we do. The bike rack can be folded down and you get access to the rear boot albeit through only one of the doors. Recently had to get access when pumping gas and forgot that I had my wallet in the boot in a bike bag. Just dropped down the bikes, got my wallet, put the bikes back up, paid, boom baby!

All in all a great solution for moving bikes to places for a day-trip where otherwise they'd not reach with one battery charge.

Today we're off for an afternoon ride along the Ruhr near Essen, Germany.

Rant and ride (safe) on.


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