Ho to Wire ebike motor to the motor controller?


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this is the first time i bought a ebike motor and motor controller.
I'm not able to run the motor.
I connected three phases from the motor to the controller with same color wires
and 5 wires from motor to control with same color wires.

Now it looks that i"m missing the throttle or something to ignite the motor.

If i need a throttle can guide which one i should order?
if not can someone guide me how to start running the motor.
Please see the attached diagram of what i did.

Thank you


My motor has:
3 wires for motors; green, blue, yellow
5 wires which i think are Hall sensor: red, green, blue, yellow, black

My controller has:
3 wires for motor: yellow, green, blue
5 wires for hall sensor: red, green, blue, yellow, black
2 wires for battery: red, black
2 wires: orange, red : lock
2 wires: red, black: charging port
2 wires: white, orange: brake light
2 wires: white, black: low braking
1 wire: blue
1 wire: blue
2 wires: black, brown
3 wires: black, violet, pink
3 wires: black, blue, gray

rich c

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Ignite the motor? There's your issue! My guess is that you will need a wiring diagram for the controller to be certain what's going on. Wire color is not a guarantee, but I've never built one from scratch.


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It's best to buy the motor and controller as part of the same kit, so you know that they work together.

I could just be lucky, but have wired up 6-10 ebikes and never encountered a controller or motor where matching up hall wires by color and phase wires by color didn't work. But the rest of the connectors can be anything, I never bought a controller that didn't have a wiring diagram. Didn't you get one?