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Looking for some help out there! I have 2 Lectric Bikes. 1- XP-2 & 1- XP-2 step thru. Both have the front & rear racks & cargo baskets & both have mirrors. I'm looking for a holiday rack that I can carry both bikes on. I was told by Lectric Bikes that the one that they sell will not accommodate these 2- bikes with baskets & racks, & they suggested that I reach out & ask the Lectric Bike community for help &/or suggestions. Has anyone out there come across this problem that they've been able to find a solution for? Any help &/or suggestions will be much appreciated.
Thanks, Dave D.


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If you're handy with tools and have a receiver hitch on your vehicle, it's fairly easy to make your own rack using a cargo carrier.

I see many riders with well equipped or oversize bikes using relatively inexpensive carriers like this:

There are many types available, including lightweight aluminum models.

Add cleats to hold the tires, a post with bungees to support the bikes and you're all set. A ramp can be added as well to aid loading.

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Harbor Freight sells cargo and motorcycle racks. Shouldn't be hard to adapt one to carry ebikes, and the prices are good.