Homage - Water Bottle Holder


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I just received my new Homage this week, I’m loving it. I am amazed that Riese and Muller didn’t fine some place to put the lugs for mounting a water bottle. I searched at all the posts and pictures of what others had done, but none seemed right for me. I looked at the metal mounting bracket that supports the plastic storage case that holds the lock. The metal bracket is very secure and held in place with 3 bolts. So I decided to use the two silver bolts that holds the lock case itself to the bracket as my attaching point for my mount.

I used 3/8 inch Polycarbonate but you probably could use a slightly thinner gauge. Polycarbonate is great stuff you can cut, drill, tap, even heat and bend it easly. Nothing at all like Plexiglass. I used the lock case metal mounting bracket as a template and brought my top plate out past the lower rigid tube that would keep the panniers off the wheel. I kept the side plate about 3/8 inch from the tube so it wouldn’t rub. For a bit of insurance I put a small piece of sticky Velcro on the back side of this plate to protect the finish of the tube just incase something might happen. I drilled and tapped the 3 holes on the top plate using button head bolts to hold the two plates together. After the bolts are tightened there is no flex and it extremely strong.

I then attached a Wolf Tooth, B-Rad 2-slot Base which give me the two standard lugs so you can use any brand bottle holder You might want, plus it give some flexibility to adjust the bottle up and down.

This worked for me. 391903919239193