How a Blix Rider Changed His Commute


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Blix Rider Alex R. from Washington state shared with us how he switched up his commute. Here is his story:

Making the transition from commuting by car to commuting by bike can be difficult, especially when multiple hills are scattered along the ride. However, as Alex found, an electric bike makes it easy. "This bike takes care of the hills no problem! I don't even turn the pedal assist to a higher level than 2 because any higher and I fly up the hills even faster than I want to." Pedal assist is really helpful for riders during hilly terrain as it allows them to ride at a constant and faster pace uphill compared to a traditional bike.

Alex definitely enjoys the Blix pedal assist as well as the overall design and structure of the Aveny High step."The ride is incredibly smooth, the construction is solid and beautiful." Alex also mentions how his friends and strangers will ask about the bike and are always shocked to learn that it is electric. Additionally, the price point of the Blix bikes adds to the attractiveness of the ebike. "Blix is making this bike an outlier by offering something so high-quality at such a competitive price point. I didn't find anything that looked comparable in quality at less than double the cost of this bike."

In addition to changing his daily commute, Alex has found a new enjoyment for bike riding with his Blix. "It's so much fun to ride! I think cruising uphill with pedal assist during a blue sky sunny day will always put a smile on my face!"

Do you have a similar ebike story related to commuting?


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I've owned an ebike for two years. My Aveny for one. I commute about 24 miles round trip in Denver. Because I'm a type 2 diabetic, I wanted to be more active. Riding my ebike allowed me to lose 40 lbs and reduce my insulin levels by about 80%. I've been working with a nutritionist and she also bikes to work, so I got to some tips for riding wear and tires for the winter. After a few years, your body adjust to the temperatures. I have since moved to Albuquerque, NM because I want less cold weather. I have been riding between 2 and 20 miles per day around the neighborhood and to the city pool. I love my Aveny but wish that it was equiped with a 750 W hub. I found the bike's hill climbing limit while riding up to the Sandia Tramway. Overall, I'm very satisified with the bike and receive compliments all the time. The Aveny is a great all around bike but I'm partial to beach cruisers and am looking at a Sol with a front basket. My bike has about 3600 miles on it. So far two rear wheel flats, two chains, a new cassette, and front brake pads. I wish Blix would switch to Hydralic brakes, and the Sol tires.


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