How active were you in August?


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August 2019 - 843 miles

Two injuries, and bike repairs have cut into my last few months riding... like TODAY DAMNIT!!!!!!!! And it's beeeeeautiful outsiiiiiiiiide <pout>.


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817! That's alot. I was right around 400 for each of the last two months. Work commuting and weekend errands and leisure riding ...


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I just Mon-Fri work commuted in August at around 60 miles per week (a little under 250 for the month). The weather has been dry in mid to upper 90s with some evening showers well after I get home for the day. I like summer work commuting because of the longer days, don't need cold weather gear, and it is usually very comfy in the upper 60s to low 70s for my morning commutes. My overall mileage per year has gone down after 3 years of owning my ebikes (7000 miles between two ebikes in 3 years).
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Mr. Coffee

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More hiking than biking last month, so I typically rode 100-140 miles per week. For a grand total of 480 miles for the month. Next (this!) month will be something different.

David Roy

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My R&M Homage finally arrived at the end of July. I decided that the perfect August vacation our be riding it. It was my best month since a cross country tour in 1972!



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500.1 miles for me, making it my 4th best month (of 19) and my 2nd best of this calendar year. 99 of the miles were on my pedal bike; the rest on ebike. I had 24 days in Aug with biking; my 2nd highest number of biking days in a single month. I managed to commute by bike 13 of the possible 16 in-office days.
The highlight of Aug was biking my birthday miles on my birthday (ie, 51).


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153 miles. It doesn't sound like much compared to others here, but impressive for me I guess, especially now that my wife is riding a trike instead of a bike. That does tend to slow us down some, so instead of 25 or 30 mile rides, we usually only go 15 to 20 miles.


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I was home alone most of August because my family went on vacation. Unfortunately that required me to take the car a couple of times when I would have normally taken the bike.


We just had 10 weeks of nice weather. In my fourth season of mountain bike i finaly started enjoying some expert trails.
I am no expert but it feels good seing the improvements. I guess my average is 2.5 hrs daily.