How Active were you in September?


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A rather lazy month for me due to a variety of reasons, namely, travelling. I'm afraid October has started badly too due to an annoying cold and constant rain. :(


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I love that you call that a lazy month, averaging 54 miles per ride!
It wasn't my greatest month, but then I was on vacation abroad for 11 days. I'd hoped to get my first internationally-biked miles done on that vacation, but my itinerary didn't cooperate in the end.

So, Sept. ended up as:
263.7 miles (ranking pretty poorly at 14th out of 20 biking months so far; 6th best of 2019 so far.)
10 office commutes (of 11 possible commuting days; yay 91% hit rate!)
14 days with biking (out of 19 potentially available days, ie, excluding the vacation)

(PS - no Strava or other apps/device, to tabulate elevation...)


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Only 28 days not ridden for me since Jan 1st. No idea of the monthly Sept mileage, but about 7000 kilometers to date.

My goal is to have ridden 320 days by the end of the year. 9000 kilometers seems possible, although winter months are a lottery. 23,000 kilometers on the ODO and the bike still feels brand new. All those trips to buy groceries add up....


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I was hoping to hit 10,000 miles by my 2nd biking anniversary in March -- but that looks very unlikely now (given winter months with lower riding.)
I had a strange thing just happen on my ebike -- I went to reset my trip odometer (like I do after every trip), only this time I apparently did something slightly different (not sure what) -- resulting in my MASTER odo getting reset to zero! That's never happened in 18 months of resetting the trip odo...
I was so looking forward to seeing the master odo hit "9999" probably next May or June...
Now, I'm back to square 1 (or square 0!) and while I'll still know (from my tracking spreadsheet) when I hit 9999, I won't actually see that appear on my LCD for some years now :(


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... It did get me to a new level of endurance and fitness where I can go longer and faster than ever before.

Oh no! Don't tell us you're giving up e-biking and trading your e-bikes in for regular bikes!

Yes, as some other folks have mentioned on this forum, e-biking can sometimes lead to switching back to regular bikes (due to building the endurance etc). Getting into much better shape e-bike commuting, I'm now trying to commute once per week on my regular bike and it really isn't all that hard (more time consuming yes). Three years ago, however, it wouldn't have been nearly as feasible as it is now.


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Oh no! Don't tell us you're giving up e-biking and trading your e-bikes in for regular bikes!

One of the great things about ebikes is that they allow you to choose your level of exertion. As such I have no plans to go back to acoustic bikes. I'll just drop into Eco mode if I want to work harder. Or, if going long distance is not the plan, there is nothing quite as much fun as putting my ebike in Turbo cranking up to a cadence of 85-90, putting out 130+ watts, letting the bike add its wattage and ripping down the road at 25-27 mph. Now I can sustain this for 5 or six miles with a heart rate in the 125 bpm range.
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September was my second best month of the year with 425 miles from 7 rides, March was my best with 429 miles from 6 rides! I envy you guys that can get out every other day, mind you I would need a new bike every few months if I got out every day :p