How big a market for step through?


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Found it - $1700.

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That doesn’t look like a FS to me.

Thomas Jaszewski

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Step through relaxed frames have a real following. Flat foot, step through means even older riders can get their kicks. And it extends possibilities for those with leg issues.

The question is, which range of components? I'd vote for reliability and 25-28MPH max.


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I bought a RM Homage GX Rohloff HS least fall, my wife bought a Pedego City Commuter Black Edition. We split our time between Kentucky and Arizona, our bikes stay in Ky.I am looking for another quality bike for our place in AZ. At my age and physical restraints I wanted a step through frame plus I wanted a full suspension, the RM Homage does have both. I ride motorcycles and I like my throttle that is on my wife’s Pedego, so I’m looking hard. I can’t justify spending the same amount of money I did on another Homage. I am holding out for quality components, a step through frame and a throttle. I can drop the full suspension and add a KINEKT seat post if I have to. A combination of all those would make the perfect setup. Only way it could be better is if there was a dealer nearby. Quality does comes with a cost.