How big a market for step through?


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Or an abundance of owners who don't know any better... frame flex is a real issue with heavy EBikes. ;)

A step-through frame (also known as open frame or low-step frame) is a type of bicycle frame, often used for utility bicycles, with a low or absent top tube or cross-bar. Traditionally, bicycles with a step-through frame were known as "Ladies'", "Women's", or "Girls'", mainly for their advantage to riders wearing skirts or dresses. Bicycles with a high top tube (cross-bar), known as a diamond frame, were known as "Men's", "Gents'", or "Boys'". As a result of changing clothing styles since the late 20th century, descriptions that describe the frame style, rather than the presumed gender of the rider, are becoming increasingly common.


  • less risk of stretching or ripping clothes when mounting the saddle
  • the rider can wear a skirt (also requires a skirt guard and possibly a chain guard)
  • very quick to mount and dismount, so is suitable for delivery bicycles, or any journey with many stops
  • suitable for the elderly and others with restricted agility


  • Heavier Compared to a traditional diamond frame consisting of two near-triangles, open or step-through frame designs must be designed with thicker gauge tubing, the use of additional gusseting members, and/or monocoque frame construction. These structural elements may add weight or cost over a traditional diamond design.
  • Inattention to structural design can lead to excessive flexing, resulting in lower pedaling efficiency and reduced frame life.
  • Fewer places to mount accessories, e.g. an air pump or water-bottle.
  • More difficult to carry around off the ground due to the sloping tube near the bicycle's center of gravity, e.g. carrying it up stairs, or lifting to hang it for maintenance.
I’m happy I don’t know any better!

Thomas Jaszewski

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My favorite bikes are KHS Smoothie, Trek Pure, and Electra Townie step-through frames with BBSHD kits! ROCK ON IN COMFORT! ULTRA and MAX have ZERO parts support. BBSHD is nearly bulletproof and extremely popular with pedicabs.


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What are the dates and details we need to get involved with?

color choices

estimated delivery date

We appreciate your perfection and evolving the design
would just like to generally get an idea on timing



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I recently ordered an Allant+7 Lowstep for my wife. She’s been riding an analog Lowstep for years so it was what she wanted to stick with. I might have ordered a Stagger version but Trek doesn’t make one for the +7. Still this seems beefy enough to not have much frame flex.