How can I change my existing integrated headlight to a brighter one?


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I have an Enzo ebike and I love it. Its also in the top foldable ebike section here.

The front integrated headlight is not bright at all. Its connected to the bike computer and runs off the main battery. I was wondering if its possible to get one of these headlights with battery but maybe splice it into the Emzo bikes headlight connector so I have a better light and it still runs off the bikes battery.

Here is a headlight im looking at for reference. Any idea?


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I don' t have your bike but I was able to cut off my existing light and splice on a new light with no problem. There are several forums out there with information on how different people have gone about replacing their lights. You just need to make sure that you get a light that is compatible with your battery.
Hopefully this will get you started!