How can I know what pads to buy for my Tektro hydraulic brakes?


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I can't see any model ID on my new bike's Tektro hydraulic brakes.

Added info: On the lever I see a model HD-E350

also I found this guide

and I see this code on the inward facing side of the caliper

I do see some ceramic Tektro pads on special that I might buy a couple of sets of, if they fit. They are listed as


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More than likely those are the pads that you need, if you are not sure take the front wheel off and have a look at the pads that the bike came with, they are very easy to take out if you have the correct size wrench.


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I think that is called the shimano pattern. Most common pattern; I got some off e-bay that were non-metallic and they fit. 5 mm allen wrench to get the caliper off and slip-joint plier to straighten the cotter pin to get it out, on my mechanical tektros.