How do you raise the handlebars on an Easy Motion 27.5?


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Not exactly sure how to do this. Though I admit I haven't really looked at it very closely.
I'm debating if I need a slight adjustment or not. I see the screws for tilting and all of that.
The bike shop will do it for free but it's 20 miles away.
Appreciate any info.


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I know this is a little late but just in case...

I bought the Easy Motion 27.5 for my wife and had to raise the handlebar for her to ride more upright. It's a pretty easy job, however, you must make sure you understand that your front fork stem is held in place by the pressure of the handlebar stem using spacers and making sure they are snug to prevent any play with the front fork.

Depending on which "27.5" bike you purchased, the handlebar stem may or may not have the ability to angled. I bought the "Atom 27.5" which has a handlebar stem that is fixed at an approximate 90 degree angle, so there really isn't any change you can make without either buying an angled handlebar stem or a stem extender (or both). Not sure what your bike has as there are multiple models of the 27.5.

Here is a link for a stem extender I bought which is used to raise the height of your handlebars. It shows and explains what it can do, just scroll down page to read about it:
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Cool. Thanks for the tip. Will check into this further. It definitely seems easier than growing longer arms.