How do you represent?


I had a day off and attended a favorite event of mine . Being both early and late in the riding season it is usually plagued with poor weather and this years fall run was no exception with sun, but temps in the forties, but I could not pass by the opportunity to see the unique machines in attendance. Can you say AJS, Ariel, and flathead eight powered motorcycles as well as the largest gathering of 50s era BMWs. The back road twisties and ending up at the only bar I know of licensed to sell guns makes for an unforgettable experience. Opting to skip the ride I took two of my personal ebikes (Neo Jet, and Stromer) to the endpoint. Arriving early I got the opportunity to answer questions and ferment some good will with law enforcement who were setting up. Riding around the event I could barely go ten feet without the inevitable questions. I am sure all of us are familiar with the litany, "is that electric?" "where is the battery,motor?" and of course "can you charge it by peddling?" Patience, respect, and knowledgeable information as well as safe and reasonable operation are key to fostering a positive view of our passions, because I do have to admit I am passionate about ebikes. When I hear about the yahoos running rampant or the rancor in the mountain bike community I cringe knowing all to well how quickly the tide can turn. Being a lifelong motorcyclist I have first hand experience with the image problem that sport suffered with for too long. That image has turned around with the upsurge in popularity of motorcycles with the yuppy crowd, but it's been a long up hill struggle. Being in the vanguard of ebikes in this country I think it is wise for us to give some thought in how we come across to those who are not bit by our bug. It only takes a few wild stunts or irresponsible or arrogant behavior to turn public opinion. Like the comedian George Carlin said you can be a good man your whole life but copulate with one goat and you are forever known as the guy who did a goat (paraphrased to avoid profanity). Be diplomatic, have fun and keep it real. Peace

Shea N Encinitas

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I suppose I represent fairly well, letting a complete stranger ride my bike (while spouse and dog waited), always happy to share knowledge and point out where they might check out some models, etc. This Saturday I was called a 'cheater' 3 times out on the 101. Not sure who is being cheated by this configuration but I'm having fun with inventing new replies, such as "She came on to me", "I don't even know your wife" and "hey I'm 50". Where I really shine is when I drop 10 mph and hang back 3 lengths to allow a few cars to clear before I pass. Other times I may have to split the difference with a city bus, but you know how that goes - sketchy. Another interesting event that Saturday was when I was going 37.6 mph, had to take the #2 lane for a parking truck, no problem with rear view mirror and that kind of speed. So just as I clear the truck and retake the #1 lane a kid on a TT bike passes me! I shout 'Good on ya' knowing I will take him on the flats, and I do testing whether he want to motor pace by dropping to 22 mph for a bit. I can see he is hurting from that sprint, drops another gear and so I'm off, back to my 28 mph tuck. BTW he was only 2 minutes behind me after the big hill some 40 minutes latter.

Sunday was one of these meetup joints for e-bikers, 10 singed up 4 showed up, no ladies. For me it was just a brief hello, look at the rigs and get going back 22 miles north because 8 mph on the boardwalk is fun for about 200 feet. Other than that I also spent 2 hours cleaning and tweaking my bike. Cheers -S