How do you safely attach a step thru fat Tire ebike of around 65 lbs to a truck mounted double bike hanging rack.

Sleepless night last night, have not purchased yet, but like the bike. All of a sudden realized the need for me to transport this safely on my two bike sport rack which is mounted on 2inch .truck receiver receiver mount. Bike is fat Tire and step thru, weight around 65 pounds.
Looked at Amazon, they have a Swagman deluxe sort of bar that looks like it might do...but I'm worried this might be too fragile or not last long. Man's step thru by Biktrix 26 inch tires.

While we're at it. Presently have a Surface 604 Colt 500 Bafang rear hub,. works. Great but 1000 miles mainly pavement.
How long motor typically lasts. If it starts to go how do you repair replace etc. Cheaper to buy whole rear wheel, or piecemeal.
Would like to get larger battery than 10.4 ah, but no idea if newer battery would fit existing set up. Colt is conventional mens ebike

Would you recommend buying new bike or keeping present bike. Would like to access more terrain, but not super duper risk taker, and worried fat Tire bike not great for range on pavement.....750 plus Batang hub drive with 17ah battery being on the potential new bike.

Don't want to start spending too much for accessories for the fat bike if it is found to have limited use. All ideas will be welcome.


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The Swagman crossbar for a step-thru says 35lbs max. I'm going to have the same problem with the bike rack on the RV - otherwise they go in the back of the pickup truck.
I think for a hitch carrier you'll want something that supports the two wheels, rather than frame-support arms. There are plenty of options that way.

IMO a thousand miles on a geared hub is nothing. Keep riding it if you like it. Upgrade the battery if it's not enough.

Make sure you test ride a fat-tire before you buy one. I did, thought it was cumbersome. For me it would be E-mountain bike for trails, road or crossbike for paved paths.
Getting a new bike is all about FUN!! 👍


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I would budget for a platform rack. A stepthru would need one of those hooks that go under the seat and handlebars. I used a hanging rack for years, and worried if the bouncing would pull off the seat post, so I would strap the rear hook to the frame. With a 60 pound step-thru, I'd sure worry more about the seat post coming loose. Maybe the front stem too.

I just went thru this discussion with my brother-in-law about a platform rack, and hauling the 60 pound step-thru I'm giving him.

A fatbike is nice when you have a bunch of bikes. If only one, you better test ride it.


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Here's a whole thread on bike racks:

The Thule EZ Fold is really nice, but the other options from that Swagman company should work as well.
Anyway, a platform rack that supports the bike under the wheels verses a rack with arms that supports the frame top-bar. Most bike racks have a 35lb weight limit recommendation, whereas the platforms built for ebikes are good to about twice that.

EZ Fold on Amazon:

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